Dec. 19th, 2012

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Those of us who become teachers: we do not choose, but are chosen. When we are young, The Great Spirit of the Universe whispers into our ear, or our heart, or our Selfness, and says to us, "You, have I Chosen to Teach My Children." Our families warn us that the hours will be long, the pay minimal, and the tasks thankless. We hear none of it, for we have been Called. There are some who are swayed by these words which lead them away from God's Will. They go forth and lead a good life, always feeling a tingling at the base of the skull, an echo of The Voice which says to them, "You, have I Chosen to Teach My Children." Many of these later stand up and say, "I was to be a Teacher, and I have forsaken the direction of my Heavenly Leader, and I must needs put things aright." These are the ones who put down the tools of one trade, and turn to with an inspired vengeance. They become the Teachers they were Called to be.

We who are called, we feel in Balance with the Universe when we are Teaching the Children of the Infinite, regardless the physical age. When we hear a need, we cannot but step toward to Teach, Instruct, Guide, and allow the Divine to work through us so that the individuals may move forward. We do not shy away from this duty, although we make mistakes, we stumble, we fail, but always we believe that we are leading the Children toward Truth, regardless of what the truth looks like. If the Divine created all, then all is of the Divine, and the words we use to explain cannot help but to be of the Divine.

If we leave Teaching, we seek it out in another form, for there is no other thing that The Supreme has called for us. You will see us in all places, guiding, helping, leading, and teaching. It isn't what we chose. We were Chosen. God Guide us as we move into the Space of the Divine, to Teach.


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